Friday, 5 October 2018

Sunburnt Pom's News from the Old Country 04

I am not sure if 'Oz TV' showed you any of the Conservative Party Conference this week. Emulating UKIP, who had shown them the way to Britain's second city a week earlier, the Tory faithful gathered to worship their political idols. The Prime Minister tried her best to audition for next year's Strictly Come Dancing by prancing onto the stage towards the lectern to the tune of ABBA's Dancing Queen, a hit from 1976. If she succeeds she will be the latest 'pollie' to join the show but she should have taken note that they were either retired or failed 'pollies' so is the 'writing on the subway wall for Theresa?  One person who hopes so is Boris Johnson. The blond beluga whale of British politics surfaced for air in Birmingham with plumes of spray as whales do. He addressed his fringe meeting in the same hall as the UKIP conference, an irony that was probably lost on him. Such is the state of politics in Britain today – one long rudderless game show if you ask me.

And speaking of beluga whales, one was spotted last week swimming merrily in the Thames estuary several thousand miles south of its normal home in the freezing Arctic. Surely this is the first natural sign that global warming is at an end and that we are now entering the first phase of global cooling. The eco-warriors have said absolutely nothing. Funny that.

Closer to home the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, has announced his retirement well in advance of the actual date. Whatever your faith or creed. the No. 2 in the Church of England pecking order has made many friends in his tenure of office. The search for his replacement will already have started behind the scenes. No doubt the hunt will be on for a trans-gender, ethnic from an asylum seeking refugee Christian family washed up on a Mediterranean beach. I jest of course but don't laugh too loudly – it could happen.

The days are shortening fast now and I have only three weeks left of walks in the evening twilight. Then it's 'clocks back' an hour to GMT and five months of dark misery. It makes you want to reach for the Qantas timetable. Do you know what? I might just do that!

Until next time.

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