Thursday, 14 June 2018

Connections are everywhere

A while since my last blog and a fair bit's happened, got a call from Keri Jones who produces the Great Destinations Radio Show. Keri skype interviewed me about my book 'Sunburnt Pom's Tales of Oz' which he had chosen to promote on his show. The ten minute clip went out over 86 radio stations, mostly in the UK but also on UKWA 88FM in Perth, Western Australia. I was chuffed I can tell you!
Depending on which figures you read then 40% of Brits have relatives Down Under. That seems high but this was brought home to me recently in two entirely separate circumstances.
I was on a coach recently between Bristol and Taunton (yes you've guessed it there were engineering works on the train line). Striking up a conversation with the lady sat next to me she was about to return to Melbourne to finish off a forestry study as part of her degree course. Unbeknown to us two students in front of us were earwigging and turned round to say that they were both visiting Australia within the next few months. A gentleman on the other side of the aisle chirped up that he had a son in Perth. That's four people all within six feet of me with Australian connections. 
A fortnight later I was visiting a sick cousin, Peter, in York District Hospital. When Peter chirped up 'I'm half-way through your Australian book' the Staff Nurse who was pushing a medicines trolley announced 'what book is that? I've got a brother in Perth, he's an anaesthetist! A lady visiting her husband in the bed opposite exclaimed that they had two daughters and three grandchildren, also in Perth. When the third bloke in the ward told us he had two sons in Fremantle we all just looked at each other!
Suddenly that figure of 40% started to feel like an underestimate.

Until next time....

Mark AKA The Sunburnt Pom

11th June 2018

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