Monday, 18 December 2017

Season's Greetings

Well Christmas is almost upon us once again and I am pleased to say that the cards I posted from England to Oz have arrived – well most of them anyway! Cards to friends 'across the ocean' are the only ones I really worry about.

The other good news is that I have signed off the proof copy of 'Sunburnt Pom's Tales of Oz' which I am happy to say is on target for release on 26th January – Australia Day.

The recent vote on Gay Marriage in the Oz Parliament made me chuckle as it reminded me of an anecdote in the second story in the book which I called Boutique Beer. You'll have to read it for yourself.

For the moment you can get it only from YPDBooks

Have a great festive season and see you again in the New Year.

Mark AKA The Sunburnt Pom
16th December 2017

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