Sunday, 4 June 2017

Election - not long now

The general election will soon be over one way or the other, thank goodness. Aren't you, like me, just so tired of our TV screens being filled with the same people – politicians and journalists alike?

At least in this country we just 'carry on as usual' the shops and pubs are still open, and there aren't queues at banks and ATMs. Many years ago I was on a Canadian Pacific train from Vancouver to Winnipeg on election day and all bars and liquor stores were closed by law. Having just got off a ship and being loaded down with gin, rum and whisky, unsurprisingly we were the most popular passengers on the train – particularly with the crew in the guard's van at the rear.  Can you imagine all our pubs being closed on Polling Day? I certainly can't! Riots or what?!

Should we adopt the Aussie-style compulsory voting with a fine for failing to do so? I have mixed feelings. What do you think?

4th June 2017


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  2. It is diehard career politicians that are very bitter and resentful that a person who has simply walked in off the street and won a high governmental position that are eager to call foul play on the 2016 presidential election outcome because they have been working the political mill for years and even decades and have not yet reached their political goals.
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